Officers and Directors


President: Patti Peterson
President Elect: Pam Crowe
Secretary: William Enger
Treasurer: Tim Lavin
Past President: Darroll Clark

bannerbarblueBoard of Directors

Stephanie Blotzer
Bobby Gross
Kate Wilson
Bob Morgan
Rob Schneidler
Roy Rainey


Committees on Club Administration: Darroll Clark

  • House Committee Chair and Board Representative: Rob Schneidler
  • Interclub Committee Chair: Bud Cole
  • Election and Install Committee Chair: Carol Sue Rogers
  • Program Chair: Liz Gross
  • Member Services/Cards: Beverley Luckey-Short
  • Membership, Growth, Education, and Attendance: Bill Enger
  • Calling Committee: Teresa Bryant
  • Happy Bucks: Pam Crowe
  • Website: Roger Zegers
  • Kiwanis Image and Promotion: Carol Sue Barker


  • Kiwanis Club Foundation: Mike Liebert
  • Bennett Memorial Scholarship Foundation: Roger Zegers

Finance: Tim Lavin

Fund-Raising Committee Chair and Board Rep: Patti Peterson

  • Major Fundraiser: Sunny Wheeler / Darroll Clark
  • Golf Tournament Chair: Dino Davis

Committees on Community Service Board Rep: Bob Morgan

  • Armed Forces Day Parade: Chris Funke
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringing: Bob Morgan
  • Special Olympics Bowling: Beverley Luckey-Short
  • Special Olympics Basketball: Beverley Luckey-Short
  • Be Bremerton: Deann Irish
  • Career Day: Sunny Wheeler
  • Kiwanis One Day: Carol Sue Barker
  • Kiwanis Park/Egg Hunt: Sunny Wheeler

Sponsored Youth Programs Board Rep: Darroll Clark / Stephanie Blotzer

  • Key Club School Advisor: Deann Irish
  • Key Club Kiwanis Advisor: Darroll Clark
  • Builder’s Club School Advisor: Stephanie Blotzer
  • Builder’s Club Kiwanis Advisor: Dennis Williams

Youth Services and Club’s Satellite Board Rep: Patti Peterson

  • Back to School Wonder Ware Fair: Patti Peterson
  • Website
  • Sponsored Youth Picnic: Beverley Luckey-Short